User Experience professional with over 15 years of experience.
Professor - NYU  ||  Presenter - NYC UXPA

Articulate presenter – Empathetic designer – Problem Solver – UX/UCD Leader

People said some nice things...

"I was extremely lucky to hire Greg Dilley into the UX Team. Greg is a very talented designer and terrific person to boot. He is passionate about making usable and effective interfaces. He has a great work ethic, thoughtful leadership style, and sharp analytical skills.

Everyone on the team, from business partners to technology leads praised his performance.

Greg's advocacy for the end-user, communication and collaboration skills helped this project achieve better than expected results. He will be a star performer on any team."


“The man responsible for hiring me, Greg Dilley, gave me the trust and the opportunities that no previous manager had ever given me. He only encouraged and supported me from day one and I am very grateful for that.”


"Without great UX we can't have great learning experiences. It has been an absolute pleasure."


"Without the Wiley UX team’s insights, wireframing, interviewing skills, and patience, the Accounting Career Portal, among other important projects, would be nothing. You are incredibly talented."


"...a passionate and successful person"


"taught me the power of UX, and gave me some vocabulary to articulate what might be wrong with a site, even if I couldn't fix it."


"…very client-focused and worked very well with our business partners."


"…struck by Greg's tenacity for finding solutions that were client-focused and consistent with our business partner's goals. His expertise in user experience is impeccable, but he also demonstrated the ability to develop expertise in the fixed-income business.”


"…always brought very creative ideas to the table and was able to think outside of the box. Greg is an extremely hard worker who always found time to help us with our projects no matter what his workload was. Greg earned our trust and respect"


"Greg pays special attention to user related interaction and is very particular about getting it done correctly. He is able to visualize all the different scenarios that user can go through and provide interaction based on that. He always has creative ideas and he is very passionate about his work."


"Greg is very passionate about user interaction and strives to do what is best for users."


"Greg is one of the most pro-active person team players I have worked with. He was able to carry forward the work load of an entire User Interaction team just by himself. Due to his ability to immerse in the business he is able to produce remarkable designs which are in agreement with all stakeholders. He has a good understanding of the latest design norms and is able to apply them at the right places."


"Greg has a keen attention to detail along with knowledge of user behavior on the web. His products show deep thought for user design, organization, and technical implementation.”


Greg pays careful attention to crafting feedback and critique. He has helped me probe my own design work, often eliciting nuances that improve the quality of my own work."